Rayvoss TVSS is the ultimate protection for telecommunications or other sensitive electronics equipment from damages typically caused by lightning, power utility switching operations and electrical surges within facilities. Rayvoss is based on the Strikesorb protection system, a breakthrough technology patented by Raycap.

Among its unique attributes Rayvoss offers:

  • High current handling capability
  • Low residual voltage
  • Safe and maintenance free operation
  • Technology with thousands of installations worldwide


Rayvoss/Strikesorb Features & Benefits




Rayvoss TVSS does not require an internal fuse to operate safely. Cables can be attached directly to the internal bus bars eliminating the voltage drop across a fuse. The advantages are lower clamping voltages, elimination of voltage surge when a fuse opens, lower maintenance and no parts to replace.

In-Line Connection

All traditional TVSS devices must be installed in parallel. Rayvoss can be installed “in-line.” Parallel-connected TVSS devices have long cable lengths and high clamping voltages. Connecting Rayvoss TVSS in-line eliminates the cable length, resulting in the lowest clamping voltage possible.

NEMA 4 Enclosure

The Rayvoss enclosure is NEMA 4 rated, designed to withstand exterior environments and direct water spray.


Strikesorb Features & Benefits



Won't Burn or Smoke

Rayvoss & Strikesorb does not self destruct. These are common failure modes of TVSS devices using parallel MOVs. The smoking due to parallel MOVs failing can contaminate the electrical equipment. Strikesorb's design eliminates the use of any material that could burn or smoke.

No Thermal Runaway

Parallel MOVs may begin to conduct electricity in an uncontrolled manner and thus, heat up and go into thermal runaway and start a fire. The aluminum casing and aluminum internal components incorporated into the design of Strikesorb manage the heat generated within the device when a surge occurs. The management of heat prevents a varistor from failing.





Raycap protects cell sites with Remote Radio Head architectures from lightning damage. Custom enclosures, featuring Strikesorb surge protective devices, combine power and fiber optic cable management.

Rail Network


Raycap’s Voltage Limiting Devices (VLDs) are designed to ensure the protection of personnel and passengers against dangerous touch voltages that arise in railway networks. They fulfill the protective provisions against electric shock in accordance with IEC 62128-1/EN 50122, taking into account stray current provisions, and also offer embedded protection against lightning. Rayvoss also protect the signaling equipment from lightning induced surges and spikes.

Raycap Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) protect air traffic control systems, radar, satellite equipment, surveillance and security systems, and shipboard power installations from lightning damage.


Major container ports operate 24/7.  Because of its structure, it suffer significant amount of lightning strikes that disrupt the port operation.  Raycap SPD protect the critical equipment from lightning surge damages.