Surveillance Camera and Storage System

Matrix Science camera and video storage system will meet the most stringent customer requirement based on its standard modules of optics/detector, image processor, controller and I/O solution. Our products target many new infrared applications: commercial, industrial, security and scientific application. We offer the best value for performance.  

Our cameras are designs to your specifications based on our core modules and commercially available optics and detectors.  Cameras are designed to meet your form factor, weight, portability, environmental requirements and On-board processing capabilities. 

Matrix Science digital storage system are designs with the latest available COTS components in a ruuged packaging.  At the heart of the system is our NAND memory card with capacity up to 1T with the highest I/O performance in the industry. We use SLC flash memory chip to ensure reliability and write speed. With the SBC, AD converter and I/O cards, our system provides plug compatibility based on industry standard.  We support GE, 4G FC, RS 232/422.