Test and Measurement Equipment

Matrix Science T&M solutions meet the requirement of engineer working in the Storage Area Network and Enterprise Data Centre.  The JDSU Storage Area Network solution accelerate the product development cycle and ensure customer  products are first to the market and exceed customer performance expectation.  JDSU equipments are also used in the field for trouble shooting that help the Data Centers Administrators to gain visibility and optimize the storage network performance and reliability.  Protocols covered are FCOE, iSCSI, GbE, SAS, SATA, PCIE and Consumer Electronics.  The Xgig platform provide multifunction capabilities depending on the protocol:

  • Analyzer
  • Protocol Generator
  • Traffic Load Tester
  • Error Injection/Jammer
  • Compliance Testing

SANBlaze is the leading vendor for Initiator and Target emulation for FC, FCOE, SAS and iSCSI which compliments the test tools of JDSU.

Target Emulation key features: Scalability test with up to 12,000 LUNs and 6,000 targets per system, profile & emulate vendor drive or array, error injections, delays and custom responses.

Initiator Emulation key features: Login and command control, emulate specific HBA, performance testing with data compare at full line rate, error injection, and multi-path and ALUA support.


Xgig 5000 – 16G FC, 12G SAS, PCIE

X1000 – 12G SAS


Bus Doctor –PCIe, SD Media


SANBlaze Target and Initiator Emulator

JDSU LAN and Optical Cable Certification and Testing CAT7, 40G

Optical, Copper Taps for monitoring and diagnostics